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El Dorko – The Crucifixion of Pussy Riot

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That's right...the folks at El Dorko are at it again...yeah, I'm old, so what? Jump on the bandwagon and grab your free download while it's still there...then go to Amnesty International to sign the petition for their release.


LOSERLIST69: The Sacramento Punk Super Archives

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Loserlist69I was looking for internet posts about of the Spits show I attended in Sacramento and accidentally stumbled into a really cool vault of Sacramento punk artifacts, past and present, called Loserlist69. The archive is the work of a very dedicated man named Ken Doose.

The tagline reads:
SACRAMENTO PUNK ROCK -Faded old pics, crusty flyers, show listings, stickers, record reviews, interviews, and various other assorted things that relate to the past and present Sacramento punk rock scene and other interesting places.

I really don't have the time to do this justice right now...but it's an awesome task he seems to have assigned himself and I'm glad to have found it. Maybe one day I'll run into Ken and we can do an interview...until then I'll be browsing through the archives of LOSERLIST69.

[play-button:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16850984/Dicks/lifetimeproblems.mp3] The Dicks - Lifetime Problems Link source



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There really is no one else who could play 28 songs in 48 minutes, in front of a live audience, and make it sound so great. This recording captures the intensity of a Ramones concert with a surprisingly high quality recording. I'm biased, but this is the greatest recording of a live show ever by the greatest band to ever walk the face of the Earth. This is where your music collection should begin.

[play-button:http://www.uncleit.com/mp3/Ramones/It%27s%20Alive/19%20Do%20You%20Wanna%20Dance_.mp3] Ramones - Do You Wanna Dance? •Link source

[play-button:http://diymedia.net/audio/mp3/wwta.mp3] Ramones - We Want the Airwaves •Link source

Look at all these great Ramones titles in GEMM!