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There really is no one else who could play 28 songs in 48 minutes, in front of a live audience, and make it sound so great. This recording captures the intensity of a Ramones concert with a surprisingly high quality recording. I'm biased, but this is the greatest recording of a live show ever by the greatest band to ever walk the face of the Earth. This is where your music collection should begin.

[play-button:http://www.uncleit.com/mp3/Ramones/It%27s%20Alive/19%20Do%20You%20Wanna%20Dance_.mp3] Ramones - Do You Wanna Dance? •Link source

[play-button:http://diymedia.net/audio/mp3/wwta.mp3] Ramones - We Want the Airwaves •Link source

Look at all these great Ramones titles in GEMM!

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