Punk Retrospective

The Nerves

Posted by ElDorkoPunkRetro

Sometimes it feels like cheating when you grab up the entire back catalog of a band with just one purchase. Other times, well, you just feel lucky such a collection ever made its way into your hands.

While some might argue that the Nerves were never punk, I would have to disagree. They formed at roughly the same time as the Ramones and Radio Birdman, in 1974, and brought a fresh vitality to a dying genre of music. Granted, they are on the power pop side of punk, but the depth and simplicity of their music show a rebellion against the status quo of the time.

They played with the Ramones and delivered one of the great hits of "Parallel Lines" to Blondie in the form of "Hanging on the Telephone". Take a listen:

[play-button:http://www.alive-totalenergy.com/x/mp3/Nerves_Telephone.mp3] The Nerves - Hanging on the Telephone Link source

[play-button:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11894993/07%20Walking%20Out%20On%20Love.mp3] The Nerves (Breakaways) - Walking Out on Love Link source