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Sneeze Attack | Bad Daddies | Fine Steps | White Fang @ Luigi’s, Davis

It doesn't happen nearly often enough that we randomly pick a show off the Undie Tacos website and go, whether we've heard of your band or not. Last night was that process in slow motion as we went from having heard of one band, Fine Steps, to driving all the way to Davis to catch a show at the 'other' Luigi's. Luigi's Sacramento hurt my ears for a week when the Spits played, mainly because the room is so tiny and the walls so bare and shiny, so I was a bit worried. We were pleasantly surprised to find Sneeze Attack setting up in a great basement space...large enough to handle some noise, yet small enough to make it an intimate show.

Sneeze Attack played a really great set of punk with a bit of a pop edge to it. I caught their first two songs on video and hope to post them soon. Comment on the page if you think I need reminded. I sometimes do... OK...here are the first three songs from the Sneeze Attack set. Go out and watch 'em yourself!

I shot footage of each band, some more than others, but I made a promise to 'Bad Daddies' that I would post theirs first. My computer is crunching the video file right now, probably messing it up, but I hope to publish tonight. I will add the others as I plow through massive amounts of data on this ancient machine.

After Sneeze Attack was the band I drove all the way to Davis to see based on my love of a song medley off their split 7" with White Fang. I didn't know any of that before we left, aside from the fact that the guitar in 'Doesn't Mean I Don't Want to Die/ Tolerance' is one of my favorite sounds ever and it's a damn catchy tune. They ripped through their set in about 20 minutes...totally worth the drive!

[play-button:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16850984/A-Late/BadDaddies-DoesntMeanIDontWantToDie.mp3]Bad Daddies - Doesn't Mean I Don't Want to Die/ Tolerance Link source

Fine Steps were having a tough night. Their bass player Alex played his last show with the band before moving away and they were plagued with microphone problems through most of their set. I think I shot three of their songs...not sure if any have vocals. Good band, if on the indie side of the spectrum.

I'd been talking with the guys from White Fang most of the night. There was a bit of confusion at the merch table with 4 bands selling their stuff...finally got the 45's I needed. Thanks Camylle! Anyway...I'm lame enough that I had no idea what to expect from White Fang...they were all very nice...too nice. They were helpful, happy...it threw me off. Jerry even told me how long their set would be so I could know to change my card...so by the time they started playing, Nicky with his cowbell, I was sure I was going to hate their music...wrong again! They destroyed the place uniting all the bands that came before in a fun little pit.

It was time to go then and it's time to go now. I am dropping the Bad Daddies video in here now. It's not the huge file I promised everyone, because I had to re-crunch it to get it to upload. The dinosaur Mac is dying, but I hope to post videos of all four acts here soon. I'll let you know as it happens on the FB PunkRetro page...

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