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If you are in a band and we have linked to an mp3 you don't want linked to...drop an e-mail to doug at punkretrospective.com. Conversely, if you are a band that hasn't been reviewed and linked to from our site...send some links or mp3's to the aforementioned addy. All other people who wish to contact us, follow the same procedure. Thanks!

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  1. If I tell you that I like your blog you won’t think I’m hitting on you, will you? Because, I’m not.

    • Ha…good to know. Yeah, you can like it and I won’t misinterpret that to mean anything more than liking my blog. Thanks for signing up!!

  2. your blog is a waste of space lol

    • Thanks, Dan! I know you had to go through quite a few steps to get to where you could leave a comment, so I know it was important to you to get this message to me!

  3. Hey Hey! I like the site…..I like it lots and I will be back. I’ve started a site with lots of retro punk rock. I’ve culled it from years of downloading concerts from the web. I’ve reduced my collection to a few hundred songs and I betcha a dollar you’ll find something you like, Please give it a look see! Thanks

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